Project: Organize – Inspiration Binder

Hello, lemon-droppers! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend..I’m still recovering from my food hangover. We had some seriously delicious meals this weekend. It started on Friday with Indian food (one of my faves!), continued with fried catfish, walleye, and frog legs on Saturday, and we finished up on Sunday with ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, and deviled eggs! Can you tell I’m writing this post around lunch time? Sheesh.

Between all that eating this weekend, I got one project checked off of my to-do list. Ok, confession time: I have a disease and it’s called hyper-magazine-collecting-osis. It’s a dire situation. I melt for magazines and catalogs. Now, this wouldn’t be such a problem except for the fact that when I bring them into the house, they stick around for a LONG time. I usually read them cover-to-cover right away, and turn down the pages on all the things I like, recipes I want to try, etc. And then they get put into the black hole where magazines go to die: the shelf under our coffee table. I toss them down there thinking, ‘I’ll tear out those articles/pictures I want to save later.’ Guess what? It never happens. And now, I have a hubby that physically cringes when I bring a shiny, new magazine home.

See what I mean? Can you spot the magazine that dates all the way back to Thanksgiving? I’m one sick puppy. {Sidenote: when I got home from work this evening, I had 2 magazines and a catalog waiting for me..I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.}

So, I knew it was time to stage an intervention for myself and get my addiction under control. I marched (ok, drove) my patootie to Target and picked up an adorable binder for just $5..I figure if I gotta be organized, I’m gonna make it cute! I also picked up some page protectors and tabs.

Then I set out to collecting all the pictures/articles/recipes that I had flagged in my magazines. And this may just be me trying to justify my crazy behavior, but I’m actually kind of happy I waited this long to tear everything out. As I looked back over things I had flagged, I found myself saying “meh” to a lot of things and ended up saving only things that I truly love. Success!

As I was sorting, I grouped things into several subcategories: Home Inspiration, DIY, Holiday, Recipes, and Outdoors. As the binder grows, I may divide it even further by specific room inspiration (living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.), but this works for now! Also, I decorated each tab page just to give it a little pizazz πŸ™‚

Then I simply put each article or picture in a page protector and filed it away in the appropriate category. Easy peasy and I feel SO much better now that the space underneath our coffee table is clear! And hubby, if you’re reading, I apologize that the trash bag in the kitchen weighed 500 pounds and you had to carry it. I owe you a massage πŸ™‚


April 25, 2011. DIY, Life.


  1. Project Organization: My Closet replied:

    […] couple weeks ago, I posted about finally gettting my magazines organized by creating an Inspiration Binder. I didn’t mention it then, but I have an entire list of things to do in order to get this […]

  2. Project Organization: My Closet « Lemon Drop Life replied:

    […] A couple weeks ago, I posted about finally gettting my magazines organized by creating an Inspiration Binder. I didn’t mention it then, but I have an entire list of things to do in order to get this […]

  3. jobranham1964 replied:

    This is kinda scary. I plan to do the same thing! I’ve got manilla envelopes filled with crafts and clothes ideas. I plan to buy a couple binders and some page protectors to get it all organized.
    Great minds … and all that jazz.
    Loving your blog. Maybe you’ll inspire me to keep mine up. πŸ˜‰

  4. mrscummingsrx replied:

    Love it! Nice work….way to put those mags to use!

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