My New Robot Friend

Let me start off by saying, I’m not a coffee drinker. The only coffee I like is a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. YUM. But I only have those on rare occasions. As of Tuesday afternoon, however, I am officially a coffee convert. Not because I found some awesome, great tasting drink. It’s all thanks to a machine. A Keurig.

This is my new bestie..I named him Ivan. Ivan Keurig. Hubby has been drooling over one for months and he finally ordered one off of Amazon with the help of a birthday gift card (thanks, Nannette!). When he told me he ordered it, I just rolled my eyes and thought, ‘Oh brother, just one more appliance in my house that will rarely get used.’ Holy coffee grounds, was I wrong. I am in love. Beyond that even..I am in LURVE (that’s my Celine Dion impression).

And the flavors! There are SO many to choose from. And they come in such adorable little packages.

I think that might be what appeals to me the most. It’s like you can have your very own designer cup of coffee..ooh la la. It may seem extravagant and not very pocketbook-friendly, but honestly the price isn’t that bad. Especially when compared to people that get Starbucks everyday! You can buy a case of 24 for roughly $16.00, so that’s about 67 cents/cup and you can get 2-3 large mugs from each individual cup. So, in the end you’re spending about 30 cents for a delicious cup of coffee. Oh, and they also sell teas..I haven’t tried any yet but I’m sure they’ll be awesome!

Did I mention it takes like one minute to brew? And it comes out at the perfect temperature so you can drink it right away?? I seriously can’t get enough.

And just so you all know, I don’t work for Keurig and I’m not getting paid anything to sing their praises. I’m just crazy obsessed.


April 28, 2011. Life.

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  1. bltitus replied:

    That’s the same one I have. LOVE IT!!!

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