In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I decided to make a little mexican feast tonight. Olé! But because Jordan is trying to cut back on carbs, I didn’t want to do tacos or quesadillas or fajitas. So, I tried my hand at a mexican casserole, and it turned out to be pretty delicious!

I got the recipe from one of my favorite resources, My only changes were that I left out the black olives (we’re not big fans), and I didn’t use as much sour cream as the recipe called for. Jordan has this weird thing about food with a creamy texture..whipped cream, sour cream, cream cheese. He hates all of them. So I just did a light layer of sour cream and he didn’t even notice..hee hee, I’m a cooking ninja!

And I also tried a recipe for mexican wedding cake cookies (also from My mother-in-law makes them, and they are killer good! Mine weren’t quite up to par, but they weren’t bad for a first try. They tasted really good but they were a smidge dry. Ya win some, ya lose some. But I will not be defeated. Mexican wedding cake cookie: I will master you!

I also mixed up a little fruit punch concoction..equal parts Hawaiian Punch, ginger ale, and mango orange juice. Delish! And I finished up setting the table with…what else, our Fiestaware!

And I guess our party was pretty rockin’ because we even had a couple neighbors stop by.

Neighbors of the four-legged variety, that is. These guys live two houses down from us and when Lucy is in the backyard, they wiggle their pudgy little bodies under their fence and ours to get to her.

We love them like their our very own fur-babies. We don’t know their names, but we  call the white one Meatball and the little one Pudgy-poo.

*Sigh* Isn’t he adorable? Oh…I guess the puppy is cute too… 🙂

It absolutely cracks me up when they try to chase our long-legged Lucy. They don’t come even close to keeping up with her, but she loves it! Ignore the fact that it looks like she’s trying to perform a roundhouse kick in that picture.

All in all, we had a great time celebrating Cinco de Mayo and playing with the dogs. In the words of Ricky Martin, we’re just “livin’ la vida loca!”


May 5, 2011. Cooking, Life.


  1. Amy Peterson replied:

    I know those dogs!!!!

    • jdparnell replied:

      Gahh I know! I want that little brindle one so bad I can hardly stand it!

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