Project Organization: My Closet

A couple weeks ago, I posted about finally gettting my magazines organized by creating an Inspiration Binder. I didn’t mention it then, but I have an entire list of things to do in order to get this whole house a little more organized. So, in keeping with that theme, tonight I tackled the great abyss known as my closet. Namely the closet that houses my shoes and accessories. Let me just tell you right now, I own a lot of clothes/shoes/accessories. So much so that I occupy both the closets in our master bedroom. Yes, that’s right. BOTH closets are filled to the brim with my things and poor Jordan got pushed out to the closet in his office. I desperately need to do a closet overhaul and get rid of a lot of clothes, but for now let’s focus on the shoes and accessories.

Now, in my dream land my closet would look something like this:

However, in reality, my closet looks like this:

Cue the scary music. It’s like a shoe bomb went off in there. (My blog will probably be permanently flagged by the FBI now because I said “shoe bomb.” And now I’ve said it twice.) I love my shoes, and I hate to see them all jumbled together like this. I’ve tried the whole laying-them-in-neat-pairs-on-the-closet-floor thing, and you can see how well it worked out. It just doesn’t cut it t for me. I need a more concrete place to put them. So I made a little trip over to Bed, Bath,  & Beyond to pick up some sort of closet organizer.

Originally, I thought I would just buy a small, clear, plastic box for each pair. I quickly realized that would be far too expensive and take up too much space in the bottom of my closet. So, I looked around at the other options. I knew the over-the-door organizers were out of the question because our closet doors are sliders. There were several options that hang inside your closet, but my hanging space is too valuable to use up with a bulky shoe organizer. I needed something that would go on the floor. Then, I found this:

Huzzah! It would sit perfectly on the floor beside where my dress skirts hang, and it holds 18 pairs of shoes! I already had another floor organizer that held 12 pairs, so I felt pretty confident that between those two, I could give all my shoes a lovely home. I also purchased a few of the clear plastic boxes to store my flip-flops.

So, I started by clearing out the bottom of my closet and taking an inventory of what I had. The verdict: too many shoes!

And that’s not even all of them. The good news is I found three pairs that I don’t wear anymore and can give away! But the rest stay.

So, next I put together my little shoe tree. The instructions were super simple and it 15 minutes later, it was all assembled and ready for shoes! So, I loaded ‘er up.

Looking better already! Next, I used an old basket and a plastic bin that I already had to hold my winter scarves and belts.

Then, I just put all my flip-flops in the clear plastic boxes, and I’m pretty pleased with the outcome!

Much better, right? I’ve got my shoe tree on the right, my boots in the middle and the shoe rack that I previously had all the way over to the left. I put my the plastic bin containing my belts on the lowest shelf, and then my flip-flops, scarves, and hats on the upper shelf. I still need to get a couple more small bins for my summer scarves and hats. But for now, it’s a marked improvement!

And, yes, those are Croc flip-flops on the right. Judge me all you want, I can almost hear a sigh of relief from my feet the second I slip those bad boys on.


May 10, 2011. Home/Design, Life.

One Comment

  1. Dad replied:

    Looks like a major improvement there. Congratulations on a good job!

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