Dishing It Out

Hello lemon-droppers! I hope you all had a good weekend. We had such a fun time with our family in was a great little getaway! Yesterday, we got a chance to do a little window shopping at some of my fave-o-rite stores: Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and ZGallerie. Best. Day. Ever.

While we were browsing, I kept pointing out these beautiful spring/summer plates and bowls in delicious patterns and colors. As I oohed and aahed, I was always met with a blank stare and that slow, I-think-you’re-weird nod from Jordan. Finally, after pointing out the 12th floral plate, he said, “Dacia, we already have dishes.” I’ll pause for a moment so you can imagine me standing in the middle of Crate & Barrel with my mouth agape. I thought to myself, “Did he just say that? Doesn’t he understand that I need lots of dishes to mix and match for the fabulous dinner parties I plan to throw when we get a bigger house and I learn to cook?!” Granted, both of those things are most likely a few years away, but still. I’m a sucker for a pretty table setting, and in an ideal world I would have a bevy of dishes with which to set said table. But, since I’m not a Real Housewife of Indiana just yet, I will settle for browsing 🙂

via Crate & Barrel

Love these beautiful flowers..makes me want to set up camp on our patio and enjoy the warm summer weather!

via West Elm

These dishes scream elegance to me..nothing better than a white/gold combo!

via Target

Are these not adorable? They’re called ‘dessert excuses’ plates and they have things written on them like,”We’ll have two forks please” and “No, No, I couldn’t.” I love ’em!

But what good are all these dishes if you don’t know how to properly use them to set your table? Well, kids, our lesson for today: Tablescapes 101.

Now, obviously this is just a guideline so you can add or take away things that you know you won’t need. Also, in many decorative table settings, a charger is used under the dinner just adds another layer of decorating fun! And you might even add a salad plate in between the dinner plate and the soup bowl.

Also, you can always switch up the napkin placement. I think I actually like it better when it’s used in between the plates.

via Pinterest

Isn’t that little gold dog on the plates so fun?! I’ve really been digging on gold lately..I’m a little obsessed. But anyway…now, for maybe my favorite tablescape of all..drumroll please…..

via Pinterest

Gah! The plates, the colors, the little peacock feather accent thingy! I love it all so so much!

So, that’s what I’m dreaming of these days. And due to my whining persistence, I was able to convince hubby to let me start my dinnerware collection with these beauties. 4 of the brown salad plates on sale for only $2 bucks a pop..can’t beat that!

via ZGallerie


May 24, 2011. Home/Design.


  1. Buffet Inspiration « Lemon Drop Life replied:

    […] for our ‘someday’ house and I want a nice buffet for dish storage. I’m a little dish obsessed, in case you didn’t […]

  2. Sue Elkins replied:

    You must have some of Aunt Donna in you!! She us the queen of dishes…she sets an awesome table, down on details!! I hope to someday come to many of your fabulous dinner parties, out on the farm!!!!

    • jdparnell replied:

      Yes that was exactly who I was thinking about when I was writing that post!

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