Quick, Easy, and Cheap

What is: my favorite kind of project, Mr. Trebek? Ding, ding ding!

That was me playing Jeopardy with myself, in case you didn’t catch it. But, really, is there anything better than updating something you already own and making it feel like new again?? I think not. Recently, I’ve discovered the beauty of trays. “What’s so great about a tray,” you say? Well, let me tell you. They make pretty much any tabletop look a ton more organized than it actually is. Somehow by containing all of your miscellaneous odds and ends inside a decorative tray, it instantly makes the mess disappear. And as far as I’m concerned, anything that makes my coffee table/kitchen table/etc. look neat and tidy without actually having to truly clean up, is alright by me. I mean, I guess if you just piled straight up trash in the tray, it wouldn’t look so clean..but let’s just not do that, mmkay?

A few years ago, I bought a really nice white tray from Target. It has a really pretty design on the sides, and in my opinion, you just can’t go wrong with a white accessory! However, over the years this tray has seen several moves and after our last move spent a few months packed away in a box. (Does anyone else seem to have trouble with actually getting ALL of your boxes unpacked? No matter what, it always seems like there are a few boxes I don’t get to.) When I finally got the tray unpacked, it had developed some weird splotches..I’m thinking maybe from water that got inside the box? Anyway, it looked like this:

Meh. Luckily, spray paint covers a multitude of sins. Like ketchup. Ketchup can make pretty much any food edible. Spray paint can make pretty much anything decent looking. So, I picked up a can of Krylon in Pistachio, which is a really lovely shade of green, and got to work!

I used some painter’s tape to tape off all of the sides, and then I got my spray on.

This is what it looked like after 4 coats..those spots were pretty hard to cover. But I didn’t want to just leave it plain, so while I was out getting my spray paint, I also picked up a stencil to use. I just eyeballed it and taped it to the bottom of the tray when I thought it was centered. You could always use a ruler if you want to be exact, though.

I decided to fill my stencil in with white paint, but the only form of white paint I had on hand was spray paint. So I had to tape off all of the tray that was showing, so as not to get any white paint on my fresh coat of Pistachio. If you had regular paint on hand, you could just use a brush and not worry about this step. Then, I blasted it with a couple coats of white and let it dry. After I pulled up all the tape (all the while praying none of the spray paint came up with it), I was left with this:

It’s not totally perfect, but definitely an upgrade! And the whole thing cost me less than $4.00..$2 for the stencil and $1.50 for the spray paint, thanks to a coupon. A big WOOP WOOP for quick, easy, and cheap!


May 31, 2011. DIY.

One Comment

  1. Stephanie Hackler replied:

    Awesome job!!! Very cute!!!

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