Burgers, Babies, and Beach Balls!

Wow, what an eventful weekend! We’re in full on summer mode now and with that comes graduations, weddings, babies, cookouts, vacations,  and LOTS of parties. It’s hard to believe how quickly our summer calendar fills up around here but as long as I’m in the sunshine, I don’t mind!

We travelled down to my hometown, Bloomington, IN on Friday and met up with some of my family at a burger joint called Bubs. Whooooo doggies, they make a good burger. And they have the best waffle fries ever. AND they have these sweet potato fries with marshmallow (yep, you read that right…MARSHMALLOW) dip that is total yummo! Geez, you’d think I work for them. I’m in no way getting any kickbacks for saying any of that..they’re just awesome enough to share with my lemon-droppers!

If you’re a fan of the show Man v. Food, you might remember him visiting Bub’s when he was in Indianapolis (besides the Bloomington location, there’s also one in Carmel). And as you can see in the picture above, their tagline is ‘Home of the Big Ugly Burger.’ What’s a Big Ugly, you say? It’s a 1 lb. burger patty (you can also get it as an elk burger, if that’s your thang) that comes on a ginormous bun..and did I mention is bun is soaked in a stick of butter? Yeah, this burger ain’t messin’ around. If you can eat the whole thing, you get a 3’x5′ picture of yourself on the wall. Eat 2 and you get a 4’x6′. Eating 3 will get you and 8’x10′, and if you eat 4 of those massive burgers  you get a life size poster that stays up forever! Just thought of it is enough to make me sick, but we of course had a challenger in our group. Both the hubs and my brother have already conquered the challenge (they each fought their way through 1 burger), but on this occasion my cousin, Kris, decided to take the Big Ugly head on.



He may be smiling here, but don’t let that feel you..he was feelin’ the effects of that burger. Our server was even kind enough to bring him a barf bucket 🙂

Saturday was the big day for my little sister, Jenna..her high school graduation! So, we woke up early to go decorate the banquet hall and then headed over to Assembly Hall on IU’s campus so we could get good seats. {Sidenote: The hubs hated being in Assembly Hall, seeing as he’s such a die hard Purdue fan!} The graduation was a bit lengthy, and of course some of the more mischievous students had snuck in beach balls to bounce around the auditorium during the more boring parts of the ceremony. As I sat there in my uncomfortable seat, I couldn’t help bu reminisce about my own high school graduation. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 6 years, and even harder to believe that my BABY SISTER is going to college! She can’t go! She’s only 8! That’s how I still see her, anyway. But, seriously, I’m so proud of you, Jenna, and of all that you’ve accomplished thus far..I know you’ve got a bright future ahead!

She snagged one of the beach balls!

And here’s a few pics I snapped of the party decorations..all purple and white..Go Panthers!

Yummy fruit with three different fruit dips!

The centerpiece for the tables consisted of a vase of hydrangeas alongside one of Jenna’s senior pictures. And we sprinkled Tootsie Rolls all down the middle in lieu of using a runner 🙂

I love my not-so-little-anymore sister. Seriously, I look like a complete shorty standing next to her!

Do you guys remember that fabric covered letter ‘C’ I made a while back? Well, the lovely little lady I made it for finally decided to make her grand debut on Friday! Miss Charlie Evelyn Newcomer was born June 3; she weighed 9 lbs and was 20.5″ long! We got to go see her Sunday afternoon, and let me tell you what folks, she will steal your heart straight up. And she is quiet. Oh so quiet. Almost quiet enough to give me a little baby fever myself. Almost. 🙂


I want to squeeze her little guts out! Ash, you may not want to leave her alone with me 😉

So that was my super exciting weekend! What did you guys do?


June 6, 2011. Life.

One Comment

  1. Brad replied:

    Hate to break it to ya, but you’re a shorty, no matter WHO you stand next to.

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