It’s Ahhrt Dah-ling

Imagine that said in my best impression of a snooty French painter.

I hate to admit it, but I’m not really a huge art appreciator. My knowledge of art barely goes beyond what I learned from Bob Ross. Do you guys remember him?

As much as ol’ Bobby tried to teach me to love art, it just never happened. Which is unfortunate because in the course of my lifetime, I’ve had the opportunity to see some amazing works of art. Just a few years ago, I found myself in the middle of the Sistine Chapel, staring up at that well-known ceiling. Don’t get me wrong, it was a pretty awesome sight, but all in all, I found myself to be a little underwhelmed. I don’t know, art just doesn’t get my motor running like it does for other people. And sometimes I plain and simply don’t get it. I know Picasso is supposed to be one of the greatest painters of all time, but sometimes that dude just be straight crazy. Word.

I guess when it comes down to it, I’m just not a deep thinker. Not in the artsy sense anyway. When I look at a painting, I want to know exactly what’s going on; I don’t want to stare at it for hours wondering what the artist was really trying to say.

That being said, one of my goals is to collect pieces of art (paintings, drawings, photographs..whatever) that both hubby and I truly love. And I’m not talking huge, expensive, statement-making pieces here. I’m talking about a photograph of a place we both love. Or a cutesy print off of Etsy that makes us smile. Shoot, it could even be something we make ourselves (I’ve got a couple projects in mind). Things that will make our house feel like home.

And to kick off our collection, I recently ordered a print from Etsy. Before I reveal the print, here’s a little backstory: as you know, we have a dog named Lucy. And as much as I wanna tell myself that she’s ‘just a dog,’ that big wet nose has wiggled its’ way into my heart. Lucy is part of our family, so I’ve been looking for a way to get some kind of portrait of her to put in our house. Jordan thought that a huge portrait of our dog might make us look a little crazy. Like Britney Spears shave-my-head-and-attack-photogs-with-an-umbrella crazy. But when I stumbled across Beaumont Studios on Etsy, I knew this would be the perfect way to honor our sweet Lucy, while showing that we don’t take our pet obsession too seriously.

Basically, you send them a photo of your pet and they’ll do a custom watercolor of your pet in a costume. So if you imagine your pet as an Egyptian queen, they’ll make her look like one. Or if you think of your pup as more of a court jester, they’ll slap a silly hat on him and call it a day. I know it sounds weird, but check it out..they really are cute and funny. And I should mention that they can do pretty much any size print you want, you just have to ask.

So, I sent them a few pics of our sweet Lucy and basically left it up to them. I didn’t have a specific idea of what kind of costume I wanted her in, I just told them a little bit about her and then we shot some ideas back and forth until we settled on one. And then I anxiously waited for the picture to be delivered! I must say, I felt pretty fancy schmancy..having a piece of art custom made for me. And when it finally arrived, I was not disappointed!

Isn’t that hysterical?! I am so pleased with how it turned out! And they did a really great job of capturing the little details about her, even down to the little white patch of hair on her chin (her soul patch, as we call it). Even hubby had to laugh when I showed him, and I’d be so bold as to say I think he really likes it! I only got a 4″x6″ which cost me $33 bucakroos..not bad for my own personally commissioned piece of art!), so it’s not like it’s taking up an entire wall in our home. Just sitting quietly sitting on a shelf in our living room. You wouldn’t even really notice it unless you were really looking. I know it’s definitely not the kind of thing that everyone will love or would even want in their house, but it makes me smile every single time I look at it. And isn’t that what art should really be about?


June 8, 2011. Life.


  1. Happy Birthday Lucy! « Lemon Drop Life replied:

    […] their pooches b-days, but we clearly have an unhealthy obsession with ours (as showcased by this art we had made in her […]

  2. Dad replied:

    Very cool idea! I’ll be eager to see Lucy’s painting directly next time we’re there.

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