Summertime Shake-Up

Hooray for today being the official first day of summer and the longest day of the year! The warm weather inspired me to do a quick change up for some summer decor.

We don’t have a real entryway in our home..the front door just opens right up into the family room. So I’ve kind of created my own entryway ‘moment’ with a sofa table that has some various entryway-like accessories (bowl to throw keys, etc.). We hung a mirror over top of it and my two beloved animal heads from ZGallerie flanking either side of the mirror.

Over the course of the winter, the animal heads became a coat rack of sorts. Mr. P hung his scarf over the ram and his hat from the horn of the rhino. And I kind of liked how it added function to what normally would have been just a decoration, so I left it.

And it hung there until this afternoon when I decided it was time to trade it out for something more summery.

So I grabbed one of my lighter summer scarves and my Panama hat and made the switch.

It’s a really small change, but I love the impact it made. It got me thinking that it might be a fun challenge to switch up the decorations on these guys more often..a Santa hat for Christmas, a homemade heart wreath for Valentine’s Day…hmmm..yes I’m thinking that could be a VERY fun challenge 🙂

I also cut a few blooms from one of my plants (and I can’t remember what kind of plant it is, so if any of you recognize what they are feel free to chime in) and stuck them in my awesome vintage deer planter.

Isn’t she adorable?

Have you guys made any seasonal decor switches? I’d love to see how you welcome summer!

P.S. –  I’ve found stencil success! I’ll be back tomorrow with all the deets 🙂


June 21, 2011. Home/Design.

One Comment

  1. Ceara Sluis replied:

    LOVE this! 🙂

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