Friday Fun

I came across this video and had to absolutely cracks me up! I think it’s because it’s basically a parody of my own life. I adore birds of any kind when used in home decor, I own several myself. But in real life…ohhh my-lanta, it’s a different story. I am DEATHLY AFRAID of birds. Weird, but true.

Enough yakking, watch this hilarity:

I may have to add this show to my DVR, if only for this scene alone!


June 24, 2011. Just for Fun.

One Comment

  1. Lyndon Finney replied:

    hey sis, It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who is afraid of birds! All my life I’ve been that way! The kids used to have birds and if they got it out or it got out, I hid in another room! One time when we were @ ABI, my wife thought she would bird sit, and I came home, went in the bedroom, shut the door to change and come to find out the bird was with me in the room! I about died when they told me!
    Good luck with it!!

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