Scallops? Like Sea Shells?

Well, I am happy to tell you that my second attempt at stenciling was FAR more successful than my first.

After latex paint failed me, I headed out to Hobby Lobby Monday evening to pick up some acrylic paint. I went with Anita’s Metallic Craft Paint in Classic Gold. It was the color I was looking for and I could see the paint had some shimmer to it, which is just what I wanted. The instructions from Royal Design Studio (which I followed pretty explicitly this time) also recommended using extender with your acrylic paint. It basically waters it down a little so your paint will go farther and also extends the drying time. So I picked up a bottle of Anita’s Extender.I figured by going with the same brand, I would be guaranteed not to get any funky results.

The stencil I used (which is what sparked my inspiration for this whole project in the first place) was Royal Design Studio’s Scallops Allover. If you’re looking for a stencil, you should definitely check them out..they’ve got tons of fun designs! I had a 10% off promo code at the time I bought mine, so the stencil only ended up costing me $28.80 + $9.00 for shipping. When I told my hubby about this stencil his response was “What’s a scallop? You mean like a sea shell? You’re going to stencil sea shells on our wall??” Yes, because nothing screams glamour more than a conch shell. Once he saw what the stencil actually looked like, he breathed an audible sigh of relief.

Again, I did a dry run first on a piece of cardboard and that instantly confirmed that acrylic was the right way to go.

In both of the shots above, the paint was rolled on with the Purdy White Dove rollers I mentioned in my previous stenciling post.

After testing the paint, I found the exact center of my wall and taped my stencil up with painter’s tape so that the middle of the stencil lined up in the center of the wall. Since my stencil is a repeating pattern, it didn’t matter as much where I start but you want your design to be centered, so it’s always best to start at the top center and work your way out.


You could also use stencil adhesive instead of or along with tape. Some people claim that will help you not have as much seepage around the edges of your stencil. But all I had on hand was painter’s tape so that’s what I used and it worked out just fine. I just made sure it was taped down really well on all sides so it wouldn’t move or gap at all.

Once the stencil was secured, I rolled on my paint. I started off very mild with the amount of paint on my roller and could see that it wasn’t doing the job, so I loaded up the roller a little more. All in all, I had to do quite a bit of rolling to get the stencil to show up as much as I wanted it to and not look splotchy. It came out looking fine, but I knew I would have to go through a ton of paint in order to do my whole wall. My theory is that because the paint is acrylic and not latex that the fabric on the roller sucked up all my paint like a hungry hungry hippo. But who knows.

So I decided to try using a brush instead to see if it made a difference. Did it ever. I loaded my brush with a fair amount of paint and then instead of brushing it on, I used something akin to a horizontal jabbing motion. I kept the brush perpendicular to the wall and jabbed my little heart out. And when I say jab, I don’t mean it has to be violent..just forceful enough to show that stencil who’s the boss (and I’m not talkin’ about Tony Danza). And when I pulled the stencil away from the wall, I was much more pleased with the result. You may not be able to tell the difference from the photos, but it’s a more even application and it used a lot less paint. So that’s the method I stuck with throughout.

Also, you see these little marks? Those are registration marks and they make it wayyyy easy to line up your stencil so that everything stays nice and straight. I also used a level periodically just to double check that things were staying straight.




Overall, it probably took me about two hours to knock the whole wall out and I am IN LOVE with the way it turned out. It’s totally not perfect..there a few places where the paint seeped under the stencil a little or the application was uneven, but when you’re looking at the wall as a whole, you can’t really notice. Or at least not enough that I care to try and retouch it and risk making it worse.

Doesn’t it look like shimmery fish scales or something?! And the thing I love the very most is looking at the wall in the reflection of the mirror. Is that weird? I don’t know why, but it makes me as giddy as a kid in a candy Disney World..with Mickey Mouse. That’s pretty giddy.

I know it looks blobby on the left side, but I promise it’s not..these are just bad pictures taken with my phone!

Now my next mission for the bathroom re-do is to get some new accessories. This is the fun part! And of course I’ll share it when it’s all done 🙂 If any of you have any suggestions for stores or online resources that sell stylish bathroom accessories, please let me know!


June 24, 2011. Tags: . DIY, Home/Design.


  1. Sorry Rudolph replied:

    […] used Anita’s brand acrylic paint (since it worked so well for my stencil) in Ocean’s Blue and […]

  2. Sorry Rudolph « Lemon Drop Life replied:

    […] used Anita’s brand acrylic paint (since it worked so well for my stencil) in Ocean’s Blue and […]

  3. Dad replied:

    Wow, I am definitely impressed, Hon! I’m not sure I’ll recognize the room the next time I see it.

  4. Anthony Rodriguez replied:

    This looks awesome..can you do mine hehe how long did it take?

    • jdparnell replied:

      Haha thank you! Actual painting time was about 2 hours, but I had to take breaks every so often to let things dry.

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