Camera Upgrade

I got a new camera over the weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited! I’d been wanting to upgrade to a DSLR for quite a while now, but I couldn’t decide which one was best for me. I read review after review, and it only confused me more. It seemed like every camera had flaws. So, I decided to just go down to our locally owned camera shop here in town and ask them for some advice. I was already leaning toward something from the Canon Rebel line and the woman there recommended the T3.

But of course I didn’t buy it right then. I went home to do an extensive Internet search and figure out where I could get the best deal. I looked at Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon. I even looked on the list of my good friend, Craig, and eBay but because the camera is relatively new, there wasn’t much to be found. So, the best deal I found ended up being at Best Buy.

I must say I was a little nervous at first that I wouldn’t remember how to work all the manual settings (f-stop say whaaa?). I took photography for a couple years in high school, but that’s been about 7 years ago. However, I’m pleased to say that once I got that camera in my hands, it all came rushing back!

So I spent yesterday afternoon having a little photo shoot in our backyard. I asked Mr. P to model for me, but the only response I got was an exaggerated eye roll. So, I grabbed my always willing model, Miss Lucy.

Work it, girl.

My point-and-shoot never could’ve captured The Goose running like this.

See that beautiful shallow depth of field (when the foreground is in the focus, and the background is out of focus)? That’s the power of a DSLR..not to be confused with the power of cheese.

All in all, I am thrilled with the decision to upgrade. Even though DSLR’s aren’t cheap, I know this was a good investment as I’ll use it to record memories for years to come!


June 27, 2011. Tags: , , . Life.

One Comment

  1. Sue Elkins replied:

    Miss. Lucy makes a beautiful Model!! Glad to see the flower is still alive!!

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