Sorry Rudolph

A few months ago, Jordan’s step-grandpa gifted us a pair of antlers. Yes, antlers. The story goes something like this: we were touring their new house and I saw a pair of antlers sitting on one of their dressers. I jokingly made a comment to the hubs under my breath about how if I slapped a coat of white spray paint on them, I could sell them online for $30. Well, the comment was overheard and we soon found ourselves escorted out to the garage where we were met with an entire box full of antlers. Apparently, his step-grandpa is something of a hunter.

Since then, they’ve just been sitting on a shelf while I debated what to do with them. They’re nice and rustic looking as is, but I wanted to jazz them up a bit. I considered covering them in fabric  or wallpaper ala this:

But I knew it would be really difficult to get them to look this seamless and I worried that it would end up looking messy.

Then I thought maybe I could use them to help tie in the color scheme I’ve been working on in our living room. I’m going for turquoise/blues and tangerine orange and I’ve been having a lot of trouble pulling it all together. So, I decided to grab some acrylic paint and fancy up Rudolph’s rack.

I used Anita’s brand acrylic paint (since it worked so well for my stencil) in Ocean’s Blue and Pumpkin.

First things first, though. The antlers came  still attached to one a lovely chunk of skull. So, I wanted to separate them to make them a little more ‘rustic chic’ and a little less ‘Swamp People.’

To do this, I used a FatMax handsaw.

I quickly discovered this was not the best way to do it. It didn’t really cross my mind that antlers are basically bone, and that they would pretty much laugh in the face of a little dinky hand saw. I’m now contemplating making some sort of a DIY work-out video. ‘Flabby arms, ladies?? Not to worry, just try and cut your way through some antlers with a butter knife!’ 

Moving on, I persevered whined ’til hubby helped me and eventually got the job done.

Once they were detached (and I had done the always appropriate victory dance) I got my paint on. I wanted kind  of a color blocking effect so I painted the main body of one antler with the blue and the other with the orange. I left part of the main stem bare just to maintain some of the rustic-ness. Once that had dried, I painted a thin stripe of the opposite color (orange on blue, blue on orange) around the top and bottom and the painted the tips of the antlers with some leftover gold I had from the stencil project.

Sorry for the wonky color, I took this at night.

For now, they’re living in a tray on our trunk/coffee table. Pretty cute accessories for nearly nothing..the only thing I bought was the paint which was around $2!


June 30, 2011. Tags: , . DIY.

One Comment

  1. Dad replied:

    Who would have ever thought of using antlers like this?!?! Clever!! You should share this post with Aunt Kathy & Uncle Rick.

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