Wedding Crashers

Ok, so that might be a bit misleading. I didn’t actually crash the wedding..I was invited, but it makes for a catchier title don’tcha think?

Last Saturday, Jordan’s youngest brother, Sam, got married and of course I was there with my camera, snapping the night away! So, I just wanted to share a few of the photos with you guys.

They were going for sort of an antique/country chic vibe. They used this table in the foyer for the guest book and programs.


The decorations in the sanctuary were kept fairly simple. A few columns, some white linens, and LOTS of votives!




For the reception hall, they hung antique mason jars with votives in them from the ceiling, along with some string lights. The centerpieces varied from table to table. They used various antique silver vessels, filled with candles, blue hydrangeas,or white calla lilies.

I LOVED this chandelier we created (yup, that we includes moi…it’s Shake n’ Bake and I helped!) Basically, we tied a ribbon around the jar and then secured clear plastic wire to either side of the ribbon. We then looped the ribbon around the spokes of the wagon wheel and passed the jar through the loop of the ribbon, so it would hang securely. We added the twine just to make it look a little more finished. This chandelier hung over the head table, and it looked awesome!




Here are a few other shots I got:

It was a really beautiful wedding, and I am so happy for Sam and Mindy. They are spending their honeymoon in Europe, and then they will be living in the Netherlands for 3 months! How cool is that??

We have another wedding to go to in a couple weeks, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll turn ‘Wedding Crashers’ into a feature here on the blog. I go to a wedding and then share all the details with you. What do you guys you enjoy reading about other peoples’ weddings? I’d love to hear from you!


August 7, 2011. Life, Parties/Events.


  1. Christina Potts replied:

    I LOVE looking at what other people do for their weddings! Helps get my creative juices flowing! Haha Love the pics…think it would make a good feature for your blog! Have a great week!

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