1 Year Anniversary

Well, I’m kinda sad that our 1 year anniversary has come and gone so quickly (I love a good reason to celebrate!), but I had a wonderful time this weekend with my hubby. On Friday night, we went out for Indian food, which is one of our absolute favorites. At this point, I had absolutely no idea what he had gotten me as a gift. He had dropped several hints that made me think I knew what it was, but it turns out he planted those as red herrings (he is “berry, berry sneaky sir”..name that movie!).

So, when he pulled out a ring box my heart got all fluttery. ‘This is it,’ I thought, ‘He’s going to propose!….No..wait a second..we’re already married..what’s with the box?!?‘ But when he opened it up, there sat a beautiful custom band to match my engagement ring. See, the ring that he picked out for me when we got engaged had a very unique cut to it, so it didn’t come with a matching band. But I loved the ring so much that I really didn’t care. So, we just got a cheap-o plain band that I could wear with it. Jordan always hated it because he thought it looked awful, but I always said we could get a custom band made for an anniversary or something down the road. I had no idea he’d do it for our first!

Please excuse my gratuitous ring shots here, but, my goodness, I love this band!


Purty, isn’t it?

I’m almost embarrassed to show you guys what I got him..how could I possibly top his present?! He’s been looking for a business card holder for his desk for months now. He didn’t want just a plain ol’ stand..he wanted something masculine, rustic, and quirky. So, when I came across this guy on etsy, I figured he fit the bill:

via houseofoliver

When I got him, the base was just raw wood, so I stained it with some MinWax Dark Walnut so it would play nicely with the darker wood he has in his office.

On Saturday, we did another on of our favorite things..SLEEPING IN!!! Anymore, it seems like we rarely get to spend a weekend at home. Neither of our families live in Lafayette and neither one of us were raised here, so if there’s an event with our family or old friends, we can pretty much bet on the fact that it won’t be in Lafayette. So, we were excited just to have a whole day at home with nothing to do. Sundays are always a busy day for us with church, so we wanted to get as much vegging out as possible done on Saturday. Mission accomplished. We made pancakes, caught up on our DVR, took a drive to look at browse houses and neighborhoods we like (another favorite activity of ours), and just relaxed in general. It was heavenly!

Then on Sunday, we spent the majority of our day at church but we did have some time to sneak in a tasting of our wedding cake! I have no idea how it tasted a year ago..we were so busy we never even got to eat a piece. But it tasted pretty good a year later!



Behind me you can see the beginnings of our gallery wall. It’s a work in progress.

We also took a celebratory picture together, which is a tradition I’d like to keep up every year. Forgive the weird angle. My head looks gigantic and JP’s looks miniscule. I promise that in real life we have very similarly sized heads.

What about you guys? Do you have any special anniversary traditions? Does your husband (or wife) totally outdo you on presents all the time? Do tell.


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  1. Christa Wright replied:

    Would the movey be Mr. Deeds???

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