My New Favorite Show

Have you guys seen Picker Sisters yet? Oh my word, it. is. awesome!

Basically, these two designers (who used to be on Extreme Home Makeover and are totally ditzy-hilarious..I think we could be BFF’s) travel around the South looking for old farms, run down factories, shipyards..basically any place that has old rusty junk. And then they take it back to their home base in LA, where they re-purpose it into some AMAZING pieces. I’m talking jaw-dropping good here, people. Unfortunately, I can’t find many pictures of the stuff they’e made, so here are a few I pulled off the Lifetime website.

This was one of my absolute faves! They found this wood, called ‘pecky wood’ that had been essentially rotted by some fungus, but it left it with this awesome texture. They filled the pecky holes with resin and then gold leafed it for a little bit of glam. I die!

Or how about this seating made from an old drainage pipe? Awesome!

Rustic chandelier? Why, sure!

I just love the rustic-meets-modern look. I’m telling you, it’s a must watch! Seriously, every Tuesday night you will find me parked on the couch, living my life vicariously through these two delightful women. Sigh.


August 24, 2011. Home/Design.


  1. Melanie @ Mailbox Journey replied:

    What Channel & Time?

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