Weekend Update

This is the post that was originally intended for Monday, but my week was totally thrown off by a couple of different things. Sorry for the delay..well, actually I’m not because my niece is here and she is beyond amazing 🙂

Any SNL fans out there? Weekend Update was always one of my favorite sketches, especially when Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon were together. Mostly because you could usually count on Jimmy to crack and start laughing.

But anywho..let’s talk about our weekends! I made a few changes around the house and wanted some input from you guys. I’ve been trying to come up with something to put on the wall next to our front door. A while back, my mom gave me this cool old accordion-ish coat rack that I thought would work well there.

I do like how it looks and obviously it’s functional, too..but it looked so sad on the wall all by itself. So, I thought maybe if I added some coats/scarves/hats..maybe that would help to fill up that space.

Meh. That’s the only feeling I have about this. No matter how I styled it, I was just never happy. {Sidenote: I think it’s also time to change out that summery scarf on Mr. Ram for something more fallish} What do you guys think? Maybe I need a different variety of colors/patterns? Or maybe I need to add some non-clothing decorative type items (the only thing that comes to mind is a horseshoe)? I really want to make the coat rack work there, but if I can’t come up with something better than this, then I may have to give it the boot.

I made one other quick change this past weekend..one that I’m actually pretty pleased with. Before hubby and I got married we purchased a matching bedroom suite for our house. And now that’s one of my biggest regrets. I much prefer the look of a ‘collected’ bedroom over one that’s all Matchy McMatcherville. But what’s done is done and we’ll live with it for now. So, in an attempt to de-matchify everything, I switched out the knobs on my nightstand. I started with this:

Nothing fancy. Just your run-of-the-mill chrome knob. BO-RING! Five minutes and one Philips head screwdriver later, I had these:

Aah, much lovelier! I picked these up at Hobby Lobby for $3.99/each. There’s only one issue: they only had these 3, and there are 16 knobs total (3 on each nightstand, and 10 on the dresser!) in our bedroom. So, let me pose another question to you guys. Do you think it’s OK to have a mix of hardware on your furniture if it’s in the same room? Should I use a more masculine knob on JP’s dresser? Maybe it will help everything look less matchy if I have a mix of knobs? I know you’ve got opinions, so let me have it!


August 31, 2011. DIY, Home/Design.

One Comment

  1. Dad replied:

    Mix away! Let JP have his masculine knobs.

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