My Least Favorite Cleaning Task..

Dusting. Hands down. Do you know what dust is made up of?? Warning: if you have a weak stomach, stop reading RIGHT NOW! It’s mostly  made up of dead skin cells and the corpses of dead dust mites. Lovely thought, right? If you’ve left your computer to go dust everything in your house I don’t blame you.

I honestly don’t know how it accumulates so quickly in our house. It’s amazing/appalling.

This post was brought on by the fact that I’m doing some cleaning around the house today in preparation for our family cookout on Monday. So I was chugging along, listening to some tunes, and shaking it like Beyonce (What? You don’t think I can dance like her? Psh.) when I looked  up and realized it had been a while since I cleaned our fans. We have them in every room in our house except the bathroom. Mucho annoying. So I hopped up on a chair, and was basically slapped in the face with a mountain of dust. How is it that I had gone this long without cleaning them? I’m not sure, but you can bet those fans are on my radar now. You hear me, ceiling fans? I’ll be seeing a lot more of you, my dear frenemies.

{Sidenote: I found this tip online that I plan to use from now on: take an old pillowcase and place it over each fan blade. Simply pull the pillowcase off and all the dust will be contained inside. Then you can just take it outside and shake it out, and then throw it in the laundry. Genius!} 



September 3, 2011. Cleaning/Organization. 1 comment.